Polished Bright Gemstone Collection

Polished Bright Gemstone Collection

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The polished bright gemstone collection is made up of 6 different crystals:

  • Blue Dyed Howlite : Reduces anxiety, tensions, stress and anger Also good at encouraging emotional expression and it can help reduce stress.

  • Green Dyed Howlite: Known for promoting peace and calmness. Howlite is also known as the patience stone and reduces anger. 

  • Purple Dyed Howlite: Helps to reduce stress, anxiety and anger. This stone calms the energies around you, and helps achieve a restful sleep.
  • Blue Goldstone: Believed to transmit healing energy, increase self-acceptance, aid in learning and soothe hypersensitivity.

  • Orange Goldstone: Assists in attaining goals. Is a symbol of ingenuity, ambition, and drive. It is believed to reduce tension and encourage positivity.

  • Opalite: Stabilizers mood swings. Encourages persistence and gives us strength in verbalizing our hidden feelings

Approximate Dimensions of each crystal are 2cm x 1.5cm (Sizes will vary)

Due to the nature of gemstones, each set will vary slightly in shape and size to photograph.