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Does someone in your family have an interest in learning more about fossils? The exciting Fossil Box from British Fossils is an ideal way to ignite a flame of learning that could lead to a career as a paleontologist or museum curator. The fossil kit contains actual real fossils of ancient sea creatures to create a hands-on fossil experience at home!

When you order this Fossil Box, you will receive an amazing variety of fossils that may include shark teeth and trilobite, nautiloid, crinoid, brachiopod or ammonite fossils from between 50 and 240 million years ago. These are real fossils that are collected during mining excavation or similar activities.

The fossils in this kit are ethically sourced marine animals from ancient oceans. The fossils are relatively common, but still a seriously cool way to get started on a fossil collection hobby or future career!

A Fossil Box is an excellent inspiration for school projects or summer rainy day activities, but
These are some of the fossils you may find in your box: shark tooth, trilobite, nautiloid, crinoid, brachiopod and ammonite

  • Fossils are common and ethically sourced
  • The manufacturer does not work with any materials which could have an environmental impact
  • The box measures 7.5cms long, 5cms wide and 3cms deep

Dimensions: 5 x 3.5 x 8cm

Weight: 126g