Dino Set with Cave - SH

Dino Set with Cave - SH

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The carnivorous Herrerasaurus roams hungrily around the dinosaur cave. The Microraptor is easily able to hide from it because it is small. But the Psittacosaurus only has one opportunity to escape: run away. But what's that? A rockfall threatens to bury the animals. Will the three dinos escape?

This set has many functions such as the front part of the cave can be transformed into a catapult! When the stone column is moved, the stone slab buries everything under it and the Herrerasaurus features a moveable lower jaw!

  • Age: 5 years and up
  • Model no: 41461
  • Category: Dinosaurs
  • Approx product dimensions: 38 x 22 x 13 cms
  • Contents: 1 x Herrerasaurus, 1 x Psittacosaurus, 1 x Microraptor, 1 x Cave, 1 x Column, 1 x Stone, 1 x Stone slab
  • Hand painted and highly detailed
  • Made of high quality plastic
  • Extremely life-like and realistic design

Dimensions: 38 x 13 x 23cm

Weight: 1.790kg